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Dr. Phil Sammut lives here in Stratford with his wife Kate and his son Ryan. With great enthusiasm for health and longevity, Dr. Phil focuses on the relationship between a healthy spine and nervous system, activity, nutrition, and strong relationships.

Dr. Phil is a passionate and energetic person. He is travelled, has lived abroad, has pivoted his career from a teacher to a chiropractor, and has many interests that range from sports like soccer, golf, badminton, and skiing, to computers and technology and some of the quieter things like reading.

He believes that path to health has two major components; TIME and INPUTS. The inputs can be both positive and negative and our objective is to maximize the positive and minimize the negative. This is true for our physical activities, our stress, our beliefs, our thoughts, and our nutrition. Everything starts with a conversation and and plan. Click on here to see how Dr. Phil can work with you.

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